Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beet Salad

It has been so incredibly hot here.  Unbearably hot.  Like, over 100 degrees, have-to-leave-the-house-with-G.-at-7:30-in the-morning-if-we-want-some-fresh-air hot.  I don't want to use the stove at all, obviously, and so some beets sat in our fridge for quite awhile.  We get them in the CSA frequently this year, and the only way I knew how to prepare them was by roasting the bulbs and sauteeing the greens (see here).  Even before the current heat wave, I did the roasting early in the morning to keep the house cool.  Now? Fuggedaboutit.

So I was quite happy to find this recipe for a raw beet salad yesterday.  No turning on the stove and everything was already in our pantry. Easy-peasy and delicious.


  1. Ooh Angela! Just came across this link for the shredded salads. I am on my way to raw foods, so this is great! Love, love, love your blog. - June


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