Monday, May 24, 2010

Seersucker Tank

Okay, so like Lost, this top is done, in a  technically-speaking, sort-of-kind-of way. I will happily count it as one of my three garments for the Wardrobe Challenge.  I'm really happy that I persevered with the seersucker (my original post on its difficulties here), because the top is amazingly airy and comfy and perfect, weight-wise, for the hot summer months ahead.  I struggled a lot with the binding, too, and save for a few "off" puckers at the armholes, it came out better than I expected.

Though I'm happy with the feel and the fit, I'm not sure if I like the top's simplicity.  I didn't do the original neckline I planned on (which you can see in the pattern and on the model here).  If you've been reading then my bitching about binding, buttonholing, and sewing in general, then you could have probably predicted this.  I tried, I really did.  But I would sneak off to sew during G.'s naps, stare at the neckline directions for the nth time, and just go, Wha?  And since I want to, you know, wear this summer top sometime this summer, I decide to just hem the bottom and be done with it.

Except . . . it just doesn't feel quite done.  Maybe it's just because I originally planned on a different look.  But I'm still squinting at that neckline and thinking about possible embellishments I could add.  Part of me is debating some rosettes in the same seeersucker, with bright buttons in the center.  Is that too juvenile, even if it's just one or two along the shoulder?  Rosettes in a bright color like red or kelly green?  Embroidery, perhaps?  Just leave it as is and let (my nonexistent) accessories do the work?

If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. I think maybe one seersucker rosette would look nice and they're currently trendy so I don't think it would look juvenile. Or you could hit up some thrift stores and find some awesome and cheap jewelry to jazz the top up!


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