Friday, April 16, 2010

Tunic Top and 2010 Wardrobe Challenge

Let me start by saying I do not like this top. The full tunic thing it has going on, combined with my postpartum body issues, just makes me go "ugh." It would have been a great maternity top, last summer. But I'm too lazy to rip it out and start over, as it was slowly pieced together during little G.'s naps, and the weather is heating up. I don't like it, but laziness and necessity trump vanity, and I'll wear it anyway. Maybe it will be cute once I have a bit of a tan, with some skinnier jeans and some sandals. Maybe. I do like the fact that it has pockets. There, I said one positive thing about it. (And for some reason I feel that I should note that I did attempt to take pictures of myself in it, but I couldn't get the timer just right on my camera. That and my nursing bra is just too hot for the internet to handle.)

Also, it may be hard to tell in the photos, but the in addition to the daisy print, the fabric has clear sequin-type dots. I thought this detailing was really pretty and subtle, but let me tell you, it was a pain in the ass to sew. If I was sewing over more than one layer and hit a dot, the machine didn't want to cooperate. Pressing the fabric was even more difficult--- the dots would either stick to the iron or resist the shape of whatever I was trying to press. Seams just did not want to lay flat, and as a novice sewer, this was really frustrating.

The other two patterns I am waiting to try will hopefully be a bit more flattering, but I think the next project in the works might be a sundress for G. (to match this sun hat). She's far less critical of her wardrobe than I. As frustrated as I was with the end result, I had fun doing it, and I did learn how to put in elastic.

And oh! As I was preparing to post this, I was super excited to see Julia's wardrobe challenge. I definitely want to play along, given that I am wardrobe-challenged right now. I'm hoping I can make three additional pieces by the end of summer, not including the top above.

Here are my own self-imposed rules:

1. Use as many patterns and fabrics from my stash as possible. This probably means I'll need to put blinders on when I go to the fabric store for notions!

2. Adult pieces only (in terms of 'counting' for the challenge). As much as I love sewing for G., mama needs some new duds, too.

And while there's quite a few things I'd like to try, in terms of techniques and looks, I'm going to keep it to those two rules. Considering I do most of my sewing during the baby's nap, the simpler the better here. So--- three pieces, using what I've got, and dressing myself first. Here's hoping for a creative and stylish summer!


  1. yay! so happy you'll be playing along. and this looks adorable!!! did you use a pattern, or just make it up? more and more, i'm realizing i need tops the most. can't wait to see what comes off the machine!

  2. Hey Julia! I'm so happy that you came up with this! It's definitely the motivation I needed.

    I did use a pattern for the top above--- Simplicity 2970. I wish I liked it more! The pattern was easy to do but the fit is just 'meh.' Hopefully I'll learn more about tailoring to my own body as I go :)


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