Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We went away for a quick family trip and returned late last night. It was only four days, yet things at home felt different. This morning, I opened the curtains to find that the wisteria on our back patio had bloomed while we were gone. Most of the rose bushes I pruned are recovered nicely, with shiny new leaves. And then, behind the garden gate, I discovered the lilacs and the almost-ready garlic and shallots. Basically, the season has snuck up on me. I need to plant our greens soon, before it gets too hot. The second attempt at broccoli and pepper seedlings also failed, and at this point in the season it's probably best just to buy plants at the nursery--- though for some reason, I always consider that cheating.

I feel like spring always moves so quickly--- the daffodils already dry on their stems, the plum blossoms on the ground, the buds now leaves. Between the rapidity of spring and our ever-growing baby, I find myself wishing that time would slow down just a bit.

I've been plugging away on my spring manifesto. I actually completed a shirt for myself a few weeks ago and have written a post about how much I---ugh--- dislike it. More to follow soon!

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