Friday, May 21, 2010

Remnants (and Remaining Projects)

I know this space is quickly in danger of becoming the "macro shots of flowers and random lists" blog, which is certainly not what I intended it to be.  It's been a hectic few weeks here and I've been feeling stressed and not very creative.  Things like trying new recipes and sneaking in some crafty time during G's naps have had to fall by the wayside.  Perhaps the bigger problem, though, is that I reached an impasse with two sewing projects (this one and this one), and between the general busy-ness of life and sleep deprivation, I just did not have the motivation to power through either and was feeling rather bad about it.

Thanks to the interwebs, though, I think I may have resolved my buttonhole phobia.  What's that, you ask?  I finally mastered the buttonhole?  No.  Pfffffffffft.  That's for suckers.  Or decent sewers.  I (hopefully) found a way around it is all.  Although I originally thought that snaps were not an option since the garment I am sewing for G is reversible, it turns out that you can indeed do reversible snaps! And yeah, maybe this is a cop out.  But I do think snaps are easier for baby clothes anyway.  So it's avoidance, but with an excellent rationale.  And we'll see just how long I can avoid buttonholes for.  (Also, my machine has an automatic buttonholer foot, yet I still can't get a full buttonhole.  How is this possible, I ask you?  How?)

Speaking of avoidance, I may forgo the fancy folded neckline intended for this top and just make it into a simple tank. I've finished the binding since the last post and it isn't too bad.  We'll see.

Lastly, I wanted to post some pictures of the pretty remnants I picked up yesterday when I went to get the snap setter.  Because no matter how many times I promise I am going to use up my fabric stash first, or that I am just going to the store for notions, I just can't resist a good sale on fabric.  It's like a new blank notebook.  I love the openness and possibility of what I might make with it.  In any case, the remnants above were $2 each, and the pink dotted Swiss print was something I had been eyeing for a long time.  The dark print is a Dia de Los Muertos theme, with folksy flowers and sugar skulls, and just seemed appropriate for the Southwest.  I think each print will yield enough to make a little smocked top or skirt for G, so if I can finish them before she seemingly doubles in size again, she'll have some cute clothes for summer.

More soon.  Hopefully. 

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