Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kids Clothes Week: Days 1 and 2

Well, I am glad that I started this early, because so far Kids Clothes Week has been a no-go for me.  On Monday, G was having one of those adorably perfect days and I wanted to enjoy every moment of her babyhood, while her naptime was spent recovering from Sunday's brunch and preparing for another visitor.  Yesterday it was the exact opposite.  G's top teeth are coming in and her poor, inconsolable self couldn't bear to leave my side.  When she did take a short nap, I spent it in the garden decompressing and weeding the raised bed.  So, making kids clothes has been trumped by caring for the actual kidlet.  As it should.

I also think on some level I'm avoiding the project because I'm still scared of buttonholes.  I at least figured out how to attach the buttonhole foot to the sewing machine and set aside some scrap fabric to work on, but it's getting ridiculous at this point.  I'm self-taught (or grandmother/mother-taught) in almost every craft I do; why on earth do I find buttonholes so intimidating?  I haven't even tried one yet!  I think part of the problem is when I have to 'steal' time to create (and how precious time does seem these days), I want it to be enjoyable, not frustrating.  And since I'm predicting it will be frustrating, I'm avoiding it altogether.

In any case, I hope I'll get over this and have more to show you at the end of the week--- if 'real life' can be put on pause for a moment or two!

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