Tuesday, July 13, 2010

List 13: Things I Saw in Vermont

1.  A tiny hummingbird in the bee balm, a chipmunk running back and forth on the stone wall.

2.  Morning mist rising off the glass-still pond.

3.  A woman carrying fresh donuts on a long thin stick.

4.  The red covered bridge that means “home” to me.

5.  The chubby hands of our baby reaching up to pat the lined cheeks of my 97-year-old grandmother.

6. A swampy roadside field of orange daylilies upon orange daylilies.

7.  Workhorses grazing near the creek, their tails twitching as they pull up grass.

8.  “Mare’s tails” clouds stained pink by the sunset, framed by almost-black pines.

9.  A tomato plant threaded with loops upon loops of spider webs, the webs themselves clustered with early morning dew.

10.  Family, family, family.

(I know it's Tuesday, but we were having problems with our internet yesterday and I did not want to miss a week! 13 down, 87 to go.)

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