Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food #2: Plum Puree

This week we got some absolutely gorgeous little plums in our organic CSA box.  Because the cousins of plums, peaches and nectarines, are on the so-called Dirty Dozen list, I was eager to make baby food from these even though I love, love, love me some fresh plums.

I followed the directions in a book called Mommy Made, which someone was kind enough to give me for free at their tag sale.  Unfortunately, I think the book itself is out of print, but here's what I did:

Plum Puree

You will need 6 small plums, washed, peeled, halved, and pitted.   To peel plums easily, immerse them in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds, then remove and allow to cool.  The peels should slip off easily with your fingers or a paring knife.  Be careful when pitting them; blanched plums are slippery!

Place the prepared plums in a steamer basket (or cover with just enough water, as I did after my steamer disaster).  Cover tightly and simmer for about two minutes.  Test for doneness with a fork.  Transfer plums from the pot to the food processor with a slotted spoon, reserving cooking water in case the puree needs to be thinned (mine didn't).  Puree, cool, and transfer to a freezer tray.  After cubes are frozen, transfer to a freezer bag and label with the date (most frozen fruit and vegetable purees keep about three months). This made six cubes/servings.

When I taste-tested the puree it seemed quite tart for baby tastes.  I'll probably mix it with rice cereal or a milder flavor like banana.

Also, for those of you interested in making your own baby food, this seems like a really good site.


  1. wow, that's great i love those food!

  2. Ooh, I hadn't thought about using plums yet. We just ventured into blueberries, though, and that was quite a success. I think plums will be next;)

  3. bad ass! nice work. we're trying peaches here.


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