Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Three Bags Full

Today I spent the morning cleaning out my closet.  In addition to carrying another human for nine months, we now live in a much less walker-friendly city, and the shape of my body has definitely changed.  I returned to my pre-pregnancy clothes and almost nothing fits.  Well, some of it technically fits.  But it shouldn't be worn in public.  And dresses are currently out due to breastfeeding.  In addition to appropriate fit, I found that I just don't like quite a few things anymore.  Things that made sense in preppy, wintry New England just don't work here.

At the end of the morning I had three bags full of clothes to consign or donate and felt close to the verge of tears.  My body feels different, my sense of place feels different, and my style feels . . . in question.  As a teacher and a new mother, I feel like I'm always on the verge of dowdy, and right now it's in danger of outright sloppy.  And since I've been staying home for the past sixth months--- while trying to become less and less of a consumer--- it's hard to give myself permission to invest in a few basics, or even know what to buy. 

Participating in Julia's Wardrobe Challenge is helping (at least I can develop a skill while trying to make some things.  I think a skirt or new purse is next on the list), and a few nice finds at the thrift also brought a smile to my face this morning.

However, I would still love your comments on a couple of things:

1)  Where do you find style inspiration?  I find that a lot of fashion magazines don't make sense for my budget, lifestyle, or line of work.  I do like checking out Wardrobe Remix , What I Wore, and La Fille d'Or.  Are there any other websites you all would recommend?

2)  If you sew, are there any favorite patterns you've used to create clothes for yourself?

3) What is your favorite place for accessories?


  1. That is so tough. Particularly since you've made so many big changes! But trust me cleaning out stuff that just doesn't fir will make you feel better - because otherwise you'll look at those things and just get frustrated (at least I do) while I am not a new mom - I used to be an athlete and now, well not so much - my body has changed...I'm sure it will continue to do so -also tastes are always changing. I think you are right to start off by finding some good items to accessorize with and then getting a few basic pieces that fit you well. Like great lightweight black dress and a nice skirt you can wear to work and dress down at other times.
    This is going to sound cheese but I like to look at catalogs for ideas- like j. Crew, anthropologie and the UO catalog. They are online as well.

    I wish you good luck in teaching : )

  2. Thank you!

    I love looking at the Anthro catalog. I don't often buy things from there but I like seeing how they use color and prints for my sewing projects!

  3. My fashion inspirations typically come from blogs, flickr photos, and cheapie versions of fashions I see in magazines. As far as accessories....ETSY!!

  4. I gained 57 lbs with the baby. I am aware this is way, way above what's 'recommended,' and I WILL slap people with my chubby hand if they point that out.
    I am just hoping it will magically disappear and then I'll wear my old clothes again.

  5. Emily, I gained about 40. I think since I was pre-eclamptic a good amount of it was water weight that came off easily and breastfeeding has also helped, but regardless of weight loss (and SCREW dieting/hard-core exercise right now), my body is just going to be shaped differently post-baby. I used to wear petites, but I honestly think my hips grew wider permanently--- it's not just the big ass!

    (Maybe this will make baby No. 2 easier, heh.)


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