Monday, June 28, 2010

List 11: Things I Saw on The Road

1.  The sun rising over the Sandias as we left Albuquerque--- black mountains, bright sky.

2.  An old dog standing by the side of the road in Santa Fe.

3.  The shift from open vistas to brush and dark pines, stands of cottonwood trees along irrigation ditches.

4.  Signs of rural decay--- crumbling adobe, tumbledown barbed-wire fences, abandoned trailers painted with graffiti. These are beautiful to me.

5.  A single truck on a long dirt road, throwing dust as it drives towards the horizon.

6.  Cows with their sweet-faced calves, Appaloosas with their leggy foals, tails twitching happily.

7.  Iron gates to ranches, displaying cattle brand symbols.

8.  Pronghorn antelope walking along the side of I-25 single-file.

9.  Rain falling in dark sheets on one side of the car, perfect white clouds on the other.

10.  Blue mirages on the highway, blending road and sky.

(11 down, 89 to go.)


  1. I think #9 sounds pretty special. That was my fave. :)

    And the pronghorns.

  2. these words create some lovely lovely images! sounds like you saw some fabulous stuff on the road :)


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