Monday, June 21, 2010

List 10: Articles of Clothing I Have Loved (Or, Proof I Need to Work on My Fashion Sense)

1.  Green Osh Kosh B'Gosh corduroy overalls.  I mean, they were green.  And they were corduroy.  And they were overalls.  At least I was five.  Somewhere, there is a picture of me dancing in these overalls, also wearing a cockeyed boater on my head and holding a cane.  I don't know, either.

2.  A bright pink, tie-dyed, gauze maxi dress I picked up at some thrift store in Vermont while in high school.

3.  I used to wear said maxi dress with hot-pink Chuck Taylors that were platform-height, thanks to a double sole.

4.  And to top it off that maxi dress and the Chuck Taylors, because, you know, that ensemble just wasn't BRIGHT enough, I had my Blossom hat.  Speaking of, did you know Mayim Bialik was on What Not to Wear last year?  She is, unfortunately, my fashion spirit animal.  Shit.  Stacey and Clinton, call me.

5.  An oversized men's pea coat I bought at an Army and Navy and wore all through high school, college, and graduate school.  Can I just say how great the grunge era was for teen girls struggling with their developing bodies?

6.  A hand-me-down "University of California Athletics" double-layer T that my cousin gave me in 1994 when she moved in with her boyfriend and I was visiting them in San Francisco.  It was his, she wanted to throw it out, and she snuck it into my duffle.  That thing was ancient then and even older now.  I still wear it to bed most nights.  I will be devastated when it finally dies.

7.  My Red Sox baseball cap.  Clinton and Stacey can pry it from my cold, dead hands.

8.  Seersucker trousers.  These currently do not fit me and probably never will again, but they are never leaving my closet because they are awesome.  And, unlike numbers 1 through 6, not embarrassing or regrettable, as long as I don't try to squeeze into them right now.

9.  Vintage Frye boots.  I was on my way to finally splurge on the real thing, to make my first big fashion purchase as an adult, when I stumbled across them at the Garment District in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In the exact size and the exact color I was planning to buy.  It was my best bargain/find, ever.

10.  An bright orange and white sundress with a very, very full bodice (trapeze?).  It has about the ugliest print and ugliest shape ever.  But it is so comfortable, and it has pockets.  Pockets!

(10 down, 90 to go.)


  1. nice post! i would like to see fotos of them!

  2. " Speaking of, did you know Mayim Bialik was on What Not to Wear last year? She is, unfortunately, my fashion spirit animal. Shit. Stacey and Clinton, call me"

    this made me laugh 'fashion spirit animal'
    you know Blossom was cool- as was Clarissa.

    I had the double platform chucks too! In middle school and gah - spice girl sneakers too. not pretty! At the least the chucks had some street cred.

    And heck yeah the Garment District - Dollar a lb. my parents hated when I would bring back clothes from there- Do you know if they still have the $1 a lb. days?

  3. superb post :)
    i have a list in my head of clothes i've loved. i tend to remember events by what i was wearing at the time.
    thanks for your comment.

  4. Ha! Someone else who had those Chucks AND nostalgia for the Garment District. I love it.

    I haven't been there in years . . . no idea if they still do a dollar a pound or not? I was a huge fan in college, though.


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