Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heat Part III

The container gardens are faring a little better than the garlic in this drought (the heat and dryness has been extreme, even for New Mexico).  I love the fuzz on tomato stems and the scent of the leaves.  I want to make pesto with the basil soon, but am afraid to deplete it.  There is nothing nicer than fresh basil. 

I'm proud that my procrastination means two rows of chard that were planted about three weeks apart--- so we'll have at least two nice batches in the coming weeks (we even grew chard and spinach in our sunroom last winter).

Finally, I was so excited to see that the zinnia seedlings are thriving.  I love cut flowers for the house, but always hesitate to spend the money on them.  Now I have a mini cutting garden of my own.

1 comment:

  1. Chard is on my list of things to try: but I'll need to wait till late summer now: it's getting too hot already. I did just pop the basil seeds into the ground though: I make loads of pesto too. Some days I feel like I eat it on everything. :)


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