Monday, June 7, 2010

Heat Part II

It's so hot here that last night all three of us took a dip in the paddling pool. G leaned back into both of us, waving her arms and splaying her fingers to feel the coolness of the water.  She quietly watched the wisteria branches in the breeze, turned her head in wonder to follow the sounds of the mourning dove in its nest.

This morning I went out to harvest the garlic and found the shell of a robin's egg.  I was so grateful for the color against all of that brown.

The dogs kept me company in the garden while G napped.  I love brushing up against their warm fur in the sun, their companionable snuffling and snorting.  They are glad to play in the dirt as much as I am.

I gathered 30 garlic bulbs in total, bundling and hanging them in our shed to cure before I braid them together for storage.  The whole space is full of their scent.  Between the heat, the garlic, and the grapevines, I wondered if I'd been transported to Sicily.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a fun afternoon.

  2. Another lovely post! Garlic is one more thing I want to try later this year, when it cools down.


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