Monday, May 24, 2010

List 6: Things I Like to Do in the Summer

1.  Buy lemonade from kids at their sidewalk stands.

2.  Go to the farmers market or drive around looking for tag sales.

3.  Grill.  This has been particularly enjoyable since falling off the vegetarian wagon during pregnancy.  Grill these chicken wings.  Grill this corn.  Trust me on both of these things. 

4. Go to a baseball game, be it major league Red Sox or minor league Isotopes.

5.  Drink iced coffee, drink sun tea, drink lemonade, drink limeade, drink cold beer.  Drink summery drinks.

6.  Sit and read a ridiculously stupid book.

7.  Sit on the patio after G. has gone to bed, sip gin and tonics, and play cribbage.

8.  Sit on my grandmother's porch in Vermont and chat while shelling peas or hulling strawberries.

9.  Sit around a campfire and make S'mores.

10.  Sit at a mountain lake at dusk, next to someone who does not need to talk, and enjoy the stillness.

My summer involves a lot of sitting.

(6 down, 94 to go.)


  1. My summer involves a lot of sitting. Wahahah! Love it.

  2. I like # 10. I'd say that going for a walk with someone who doesn't need to talk is also nice. :)


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