Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Unofficial Flower Week: Irises

It's Unofficial Flower Week over at Abby Try Again, and I thought I would play along.

Part of the fun of our first spring in a new house is being surprised by what's already here, what was just waiting to come into bloom.  Between the hyacinth, lilac, wisteria, grapes, and irises, I'm willing to bet the previous owner had a thing for purple.  I can't say I blame them--- it's a very satisfying color in the desert.  

I took these pictures yesterday, and many, many more irises have bloomed today.

Speaking of flowers and purple, I'm enamored with these.  They remind me of 'Violet Vale' in Anne of Green Gables, along with my own secret woodland space of my Vermont childhood.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely!
    I dream of having some wisteria someday :)
    Thanks for playing along.


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