Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planting Time

Today was a busy day--- I pruned four rose bushes, sterilized seedling trays, and replanted broccoli, pepper, and basil seedlings, and moved the dahlias and Bells of Ireland to our "greenhouse" to slowly harden them off.

Tomorrow I have three more rose bushes to do, and am hoping to propagate some houseplants (pothos and some branches that have dropped off our massive jade plant). I also need to check the garlic and shallots, realign the drip irrigation in the raised bed, pick up fertilizer, and look over our planting calendar for the rest of the vegetables. Busy, busy, busy. Spring is coming on fast and I'm not as ready as I thought I would be. In any case, I love the kind of physical tiredness that comes from playing in the dirt--- it's so satisfying.

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