Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Progress (and Lack Thereof)

After yesterday's morning snowstorm, I'm hoping I can safely say that spring is finally here. The plum tree in our backyard is in bloom, and so many bulb flowers are coming to life. We planted croci, daffodils, and tulips last fall, but it's also been fun to discover what was already here--- like pink and purple hyacinth and other daffodils. Our more utilitarian bulbs--- the garlic and shallots we planted in the raised bed--- also seem to be thriving.

I also pruned my first rose bush today during G.'s morning nap. The class I went to was really helpful (see the tips here) and after I got over my fear of being too aggressive, I was pretty satisfied with the final shape. Now on to the next bush, and here's hoping they actually bloom.

My biggest failure and frustration though, has been the seedlings I started in late February. Remember this giant list of seedlings I started? They all failed. All of them, with the exception of three dahlias and three Bells of Ireland--- and those are currently being threatened by mold. I have no idea why this happened. Mostly I'm sad about the vegetables and herbs, because I wanted that self-satisfaction of eating out of our garden. But I keep staring at the empty trays and wondering if it's too late in the season to start again or not?

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