Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Frost

Where did autumn go?  I'm in a state of shock that it's almost November.  And that in December, G will be a year old.

Billy and I spent the morning in the garden, where I lingered over the few remaining plants.  We divided some of the garlic we harvested in the spring and replanted a few cloves.  It's the first time I'm growing something from something I grew the season before--- I felt strange sense of pride when I put the garlic back into the ground.

We also planted potatoes, and tomorrow is daffodils, tulips, and newly-divided iris.  It's really the last possible weekend to do so, but I plan on enjoying it rather than rushing through.  The morning sun and the cold air was just the thing I've been needing.

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  1. Hey Angela! :) Good to read your posting again.

    Fall is nipping by here too, the leaves are falling faster than I want them too: tonight it's supposed to go down to 34, which means I need to cut the basil and make some pesto today.

    Glad you're enjoying your garden too. :)


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