Monday, August 9, 2010

List 16: Back to School Memories

I know, I know.  I missed last Monday.  I have the feeling that may be happening more and more frequently . . .

1.  Your mom threatening you with death if you played outside in your new clothes before school started.

2.  That fresh, clean notebook that you were just itching to write stories in, but you had to save it for (sigh) math.

3.  Waiting for the school bus in the cold morning mist, knowing that by recess it will be warm enough to run around in just your skirt and T-shirt.

4.  Parting from your sibling as you went into separate classrooms.  Simultaneously missing her and being relieved you don't have to spend waking moment  with her.

5.  Reuniting with your friends after a summer that seemed to stretch on forever.

6.  Being full of hope that your teacher would be nice.  That first cutting comment (which now just seems adult, human) that made you decide that she wasn't.

7.  Picking those last lingering mosquito bites under your desk.

8.  Sliding the plastic lunch tray down the line.  Choosing red milk or blue milk for snack.

9.  Learning the card game that will be the card game during recess this year.

10.  Stepping off the bus in the an afternoon haze of excited exhaustion, finding a wriggling schnauzer waiting for you and mentally preparing your list of possible snacks and television shows.

(16 down, 84 to go.)

1 comment:

  1. I loved having new school supplies! I still few September as a "starting" month. To me that is the new year.


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